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One of the three keys to fire protection is ensuring you have a full suite of high-quality fire suppression equipment installed. Nardini Fire is proud to have supplied Minnesota and North Dakota with some of the best fire suppression systems in the industry for over 65 years. 

Nardini Fire Equipment is well-versed in problem-solving for a variety of industries and fire-related needs. After taking time to learn more about your business, our expert team will configure a customized solution that draws from our suite of cutting-edge products.


Our Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression system equipment comes in many forms. What you choose to equip your home or business with depends on your needs. You can expect our team of fire suppression system installation technicians to help you make the best choice for your building. Our goal is to give our customers complete peace of mind after every installation.

What kind of equipment is used in fire suppression systems? Nardini Fire goes beyond the traditional sprinkler system — we’re proud to provide sophisticated, safe technology. Take a look at our equipment options below. 

  • Clean agent systems: Fast, safe, eco-friendly fire suppressing agents help put out flames effectively without putting anyone at risk. 
  • CO2 systems: Controlled by smart panels, CO2 systems work quickly to extinguish fires.
  • Fire extinguishers: An essential for every business, residential and commercial, our extinguishers are easy to use and built to last.  
  • Foam systems: Removing the fuel from a fire, foam systems are another critical piece of any fire suppression system. 
  • Kitchen hood systems: Clear heat, smoke and steam from your kitchen with powerful kitchen hoods that keep your property safe. 
  • Paint booth systems: Install a dry chemical fire suppression system for your autobody shop. 
  • Vehicle systems: Outfit personal cars or fleets of commercial vehicles with comprehensive fire suppression systems. 
  • Water mist systems: Different than the traditional sprinkler system, the water mist system won’t threaten property with water damage while still working quickly and effectively. 

Providing You With Custom Fire Solutions

How is your home or commercial property’s fire suppression system? If it’s outdated or lacking, it’s time to consult the professionals at Nardini Fire to find a custom solution. We serve industries ranging from oil and gas to healthcare, and we know which fire suppression systems work the best in each setting. Let’s work together to determine which equipment will best serve your needs and keep everyone safe. Reach out to us today for more information about a fire suppression system installation.