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First Class Fire Protection

Nardini will help you prepare for and mitigate the risks of fire—whether your organization is just starting out, is already established and you are working to bring it up to code, or is looking for an extra level of protection. 

When your organization is in the business of caring for people and other precious assets, fire is a very real danger. Proactively addressing the risk of a devastating fire will help you keep your people and your other important assets secure.

Here’s how it works

After hearing about your specific needs and challenges, one of our trained experts will craft a customized plan to protect your organization from the risks of fire. We’ll help you bring this plan to life with solutions like:

  • Systems that use clean agents, which offer minimal damage and are commonly used in medical equipment rooms and museums
  • Code-compliant fire alarm systems for medical facilities, schools, and nursing homes
  • High-sensitivity smoke detectors that offer early warning, and are the best choice for high airflow environments like medical equipment rooms
  • Fire extinguishers

And in the event any of your fire detection or suppression equipment needs service, we’ll take care of that too—even if you didn’t buy it from us.

We provide fire safety solutions for a wide range of institutions, including:

School Fire Alarm Systems

Protect students and staff from the risks of fire and bring your facility up to code. Whether you are part of a K-12 school or you need a larger fire safety solution for a college, we can help you plan, install, operate and test your fire safety equipment. 

Hospital Fire Alarm Systems

Hospitals and other medical facilities have unique fire suppression requirements. We can help you navigate legal frameworks and find a solution that meets the needs of your facility while protecting patients and medical professionals. 

Healthcare Fire Protection

In the healthcare industry, fire suppression is never optional — it’s a precaution that saves lives. Today’s healthcare equipment is more complex and sophisticated than ever before, which has increased the number of considerations when planning and installing a fire protection system. Those in the healthcare industry must be aware of changing code requirements in order to remain compliant and protect everyone who enters their facilities.

Some of the most important considerations include:

  • Hospital Fire Alarm Systems: Hospitals and other medical facilities have unique fire alarm requirements. We can help you navigate legal frameworks and find a solution that meets the needs of your building while protecting patients and medical professionals.
  • MRI Fire Protection: MRI machines and other large equipment present unique challenges when it comes to fire safety. These machines use powerful magnets that limit the effectiveness of traditional firefighting techniques. 
  • Oxygen Machine Risks: An oxygen-rich environment is one that is at risk of a fire. It doesn’t take much to ignite this type of hospital equipment, so we work to protect your patients and employees when the risk is present.

Museum Fire Alarm Systems

Protect visitors, employees, precious artifacts, historical documents and priceless pieces of art. Our fire safety solutions are designed to minimize the impact of fire while protecting your most important assets. 

Solutions for Your Institution

Our experienced team will create a custom solution for your facility, no matter what industry you work in. We take your unique code requirements into account and develop solutions that protect anyone who enters your building


By the Numbers



Structure fires in health care properties drew response from U.S. fire departments annually, from 2006-2010—causing an annual average of $52 million in property damage


Is the year that Monet painting was lost to a fire at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY.


Less property damage occurs in fires at educational properties where suppression systems are present (compared to fires with no automatic extinguishing equipment present).

What you can expect from working together

A collaboration with Nardini means that you’ll:

  • Be set up for success with fire marshal inspections
  • Have peace of mind that your kitchen and staff are protected with a customized plan and expert guidance
  • Spend less time worrying about fire-related issues, so that you can focus on what you do best