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Fire Protection Equipment Suppliers Who Provide Peace of Mind

Businesses large and small throughout Minnesota and North Dakota collaborate with Nardini Fire fire protection equipment suppliers for solutions to today’s toughest fire-related challenges. We’ll help you plan for fire protection, detection, and suppression with high-quality safety equipment and training services—whether you’re just starting out, or are working to bring an established business up to code.

At Nardini Fire, we do more than just equip your business or organization with fire equipment, we provide training services, insider expertise and specialty installation services for the best and most updated safety experience. Explore the many ways our fire protection equipment suppliers stay dedicated to customer safety and proactively reduce the risk of fire in homes, manufacturing facilities, office buildings and more. 

Extensive Services That Keep You Safe

Beyond sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers, our suite of solutions provides safeguards for the people and places throughout North Dakota and Minnesota that are most important to your organization. Explore our:

Minimizing Risk With Strategic Guidance and Solutions

You can expect comprehensive service from Nardini fire protection equipment suppliers, including strategic guidance, solutions that are compliant with fire codes, and a broad product portfolio. Outside of supplying you with sprinkler systems and extinguishers, count on us to:


  • Help your organization understand the risks of fire, and what can be done to proactively address these risks
  • Address your unique fire-related needs with detailed, well-thought-out proposals that minimize fire hazards and risk
  • Grow with your business—from  small systems to large-scale operations, our leadership in design expertise and cutting-edge solutions are ready to scale when you are
  • Be dependable and respond quickly—technical service support for emergencies is always available

And in the event any of your fire detection or suppression equipment needs service, we’ll take care of that too—even if you didn’t buy it from us. 

Depend on Nardini Fire for Protection When it Matters Most

Interested in increasing the safety of your North Dakota or Minnesota organization? Depend on Nardini Fire fire protection equipment suppliers for guidance, equipment, installation, training and more. Contact one of our experts to request a no-obligation quote for how to help your business prepare for and mitigate the risks of fire.