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As the Midwest fire protection system supplier of choice for the past 65 years, Nardini Fire knows how crucial a high-quality fire protection system is to any business. To avoid danger to your employees and costly fire damage repairs, Minnesota and North Dakota businesses choose Nardini Fire fire protection systems.

Our Types of Fire Protection Systems

As a leading fire protection system supplier, Nardini Fire offers more than traditional sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. We’ll help you assess your fire protection system needs based on your space and unique factors, then customize a solution that will reduce the risk of fire hazards. With our innovative fire protection system technology, your North Dakota or Minnesota business will be protected. Discover the types of fire protection systems we offer as a top supplier.

  • Commercial Kitchens: Nardini Fire fire protection systems will ensure your restaurant will meet the three main codes restaurant owners need to adhere to.
  • Industrial & Manufacturing: Avoid costly shut-downs and damage to your facility with our fire protection systems.
  • Information Technology: Protect your IT infrastructure’s most important assets with Nardini Fire.
  • Institutional & Medical: Schools and healthcare facilities are meant to be beacons of protection. Ensure safety with the right customized fire protection system.
  • Multifamily Residential: Whether you’re in the construction phase or need to keep an existing residential building up to code, Nardini Fire can help.
  • Oil & Gas: It’s crucial to avoid a serious fire accident in the oil and gas industry, both for safety and productivity.

Choose Nardini Fire As Your Custom Fire Protection System Supplier

When you choose Nardini Fire as your fire protection system supplier, you’ll have peace of mind that your employees, buildings and equipment are protected at all times from fire hazards. You’ll be able to focus on what's important: your people and business.

If your current fire protection system is outdated, or you’re looking for an upgrade, contact Nardini Fire to get started on your custom solution. In our 65 years of experience, we’ve served Minnesota and North Dakota industries from oil and gas to healthcare, so we know what works.